You are invited to attend any (or all) PMI Montgomery, AL Chapter meetings. Please note that you do not have to be a member of PMI to attend monthly meeting, nor do you have to hold the PMP credential. All that is needed is an interest in project management; please consider attending to learn and to grow with us! 

WHY GET INVOLVED? After all, project management work is demanding and time consuming; project managers are accountable for the success of their projects and that means 40 hour work weeks are a foreign territory inhabited by other kinds of human beings – not us! So why take on “extra-curricular” responsibilities?

The greatest VALUE available through your PMI Montgomery Chapter membership lies in the relationships you develop and the networks you build. Attending dinner meetings and seminars, arriving early to talk with others, is a good beginning, but only a beginning. Your awareness of Montgomery businesses that employ project managers, organizational cultures and working environments for project managers in other industries grows through interaction with PMs working in those situations. The best way to consolidate those relationships and networks and to expand your own experience of the world of project management in south central Alabama is through working together with other members on projects of common interest.

OPPORTUNITIES to get involved range from communications and public relations (Newsletter, Website, Media) to one-on-one relationship building (Ambassadors), meeting facilitation (Monthly Dinner Meetings, Seminars), technical responsibilities (Website Content Management Team, Survey Developer/Analyst, Member Participation Analyst), event planning (socials and our annual professional development seminar), and military liaison/mentor activites for veterans.  

VOLUNTEERS receive additional Professional Development Units (PDUs) for their volunteer service. 

That is why you need to seriously consider GETTING INVOLVED!

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