Chapter Vision, Mission and Goals

The PMI® South Alabama Chapter will be known throughout the River Region and beyond as a principal source of advocacy and development of project management principles, disciplines and resources for professional project environments, and will foster and encourage advancement of the project management profession.

The PMI® South Alabama Chapter promotes the growth and development of project management practitioners and builds awareness of the project management discipline and its critical role in business and organization success. Making the PMI® certified project management discipline indispensable to business results is a major PMI objective. The PMI® South Alabama Chapter will pursue this mission by achieving the following goals:

GOAL #1 - Professional Education and Development: Provide an on-going educational and professional development program to assist interested project management practitioners improve their project management knowledge and proficiency.

GOAL #2 - Professional Relationships & Networking: Build upon existing project management related networks in the River Region and expand those networks by embracing new institutions and populations that can benefit thereby.

GOAL #3 - Marketing and Brand: Communicate to persons and organizations the value that professional project management adds to organizational effectiveness, professional development and career advancement; promote PMI® South Alabama as the foremost advocate for this value in the River Region; and seek to involve corporate organizations as financial sponsors and sources of professional expertise and growth in an effort to bind professionals and industries together in advancing the project management concept and discipline.